Sinds 1974 is onze stomerij gevestigd aan de Zwart Janstraat 25-27 te Rotterdam. Begonnen als kleine stomerij voor voornamelijk particuliere klanten is Clean Inn inmiddels uitgegroeid naar een stomerij voor zowel de particuliere als de zakelijke klant.

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Top dry cleaning that delivers top quality. When you enter you are immediately with your head between the clothes that are neatly arranged in plastic covers to the pulley system that runs throughout the store. A kind of slow roller coaster but for clothes. Pretty fun to watch.
You have the feeling that people here really know what they are doing so you can leave your expensive gown with peace of mind to pick up the next day. They are fast, inexpensive and you get your garment back in a hanger sleeve, for the real dry clean feeling!

Remty E, (Yelp beoordeling)

If I have such a cry that is not allowed in the washing machine, I go to the Clean Inn. They have years of experience there and know very well what they are doing. For example, they took candle wax that I had also ironed in (so don’t, although your mother says so) out of my pants and got the piss of my sister’s oh so cute kittens out of my down duvet. Well priced too! In any case, it is an experience to come here. A kind of rollercoaster (really moving) of garments on a rail that fly around you. This makes it fun for kids to go along with this kind of boring shopping!

Julia P, (Yelp beoordeling)

Clean Inn looks a bit chaotic at first glance, but this dry cleaner does deliver quality. Upon entering, you are directly between the racks of clothes hanging in plastic covers. Clean Inn has years of experience in the dry cleaning business and you notice that.

Here you can leave your oh, so beautiful and expensive coat of alpaca wool with peace of mind. With all kinds of material they know what to do. They are fast, inexpensive and super neat. Afterwards you hang your beautiful coat with pendant and cover back in your closet.

Nienke E, (Yelp beoordeling)

My shirts are always perfectly cared for here

Wilson Curry, (Google beoordeling)

Super fast 24 hour service and optimal treatment

Ron Kok, (Google beoordeling)

Always very pleasant to have my stuff picked up by Clean Inn, great service and real specialists!

Danny van der Ven, (Google beoordeling)

We only wash with detergents that do not harm the environment