We started our company in 1974 and have been in 25 -27  Zwart Janstraat in Rotterdam ever since. What began as a small dry cleaner’s for mainly private customers has grown into a company that caters for both private as well as commercial customers.

Consult our website and find out what we can do for you.For questions, please contact us.

Quality has been our priority for more than 40 years.

Say hi to an environmentally friendly form of clean.

If requested we can deliver a perfect and clean item of clothing within the hour, for six days a week.
You are guaranteed to get your money back if you are not happy with the result.


Read below what others think about us

Top dry cleaning that delivers top quality. When you enter, you immediately sit with your head between the clothes that are neatly arranged in plastic covers on the pulley system that runs through the whole thing. A kind of slow roller coaster but then for clothing. Pretty fun to watch. You feel that people here really know what they are doing so you can safely leave your expensive dress behind to pick up the next day. They are fast, inexpensive and you will receive your garment in a cover with hanger for the real dry clean feeling!

Remty E, (Yelp rating)

When I have items that are not allowed to go into the washing machine, I bring them to Clean-Inn. At Clean-Inn they are very experienced and they know what they are doing. They once removed candle grease from my trousers and when my sister’s cute kitten had wet my quilt, they even got that out. The prices are reasonable too. Moreover, visiting Clean-Inn is quite an experience. Their rotating dry-cleaning rack looks like a rollercoaster which makes a going to the dry-cleaners, usually a chore, become a fun outing, especially for children.

Julia P, (Yelp rating)

Clean Inn looks a bit chaotic at first sight, but this dry cleaning does deliver quality. Upon entering you find yourself directly between the racks with clothing hanging in plastic covers. Clean Inn has many years of experience in the dry cleaning business and you can tell.

Here you can leave your oh, so beautiful and expensive alpaca wool coat with confidence. They know what to do with all types of material. They are fast, inexpensive and also super neat. Afterwards you can hang your beautiful coat with hanger and cover back in your closet.

Nienke E, (Yelp rating)
My shirts are always perfectly taken care of here
Wilson Curry, (Google rating)

Super fast 24-hour service and optimum treatment

Ron Kok, (Google rating)

Always very nice to have my stuff collected by Clean Inn, great service and real specialists!

Danny van der Ven, (Google rating)

We only wash with detergents that do not harm the environment